Crosswind Partners has publicly announced investments in the following companies:

Hadapt Inc.

The Hadapt Adaptive Analytic Platform™ is the first big data platform to combine the benefits of Apache Hadoop and relational DBMS technology into a single system for applications that rely on multi-structured data analytics.  Hadapt was designed for the cloud, and is optimized for virtualized environments.  In addition to providing the full power of MapReduce, Hadapt offers enhanced SQL support and the ability to work with all of your data within one platform.  Following Crosswind Partners' investment, Hadapt received funding from Bessemer Venture Partners and Norwest Venture Partners in October 2011.  On the web at  Hadapt was acquired by Terradata summer of 2014.

Doctors Express

Doctors Express provides high-quality, urgent care right in your neighborhood! When you come to Doctors Express you'll be treated by licensed medical professionals who are on-site every day, including doctors, nurses, and x-ray technicians. This guarantees you receive the highest quality medical care.  Crosswind Partners has invested in the franchise for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  On the web at

Vizit Inc.

Vizit will enhance how you find, view, preview, collaborate, and work on your documents in SharePoint.  Vizit offers a configurable solution designed exclusively for SharePoint providing fast viewing and document thumbnails with Vizit Essential, and the ability to automate your paper-based processes with Vizit Pro.  On the web at

MicroVu Inc.

MicroVu's expert staff specializes in data mining, reviewing 100% of health care claims retrospectively to detect and recover overpayments resulting from the complexities of claims processing.  Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, MicroVu has additional facilities in Florida and a national team of Business Development professionals. MicroVu has reviewed claims in all 50 States, never failing to identify overpayments on behalf of its clients.  On the web at

HitPoint Studios Inc.

HitPoint Studios was founded by video game producers Aaron St. John and Paul Hake to create a fusion of their experienced game development teams... and has maintained consistent 60% growth year-over-year since founding.  The HPS team (based in Western Massachusetts) has designed, developed, and produced over thirty games in the past four years ranging from Flash-based viral marketing games to retail distributed casual games.  HPS has skilled team members in all aspects of game design, web design, 3D graphics, animation, programming, and music and sound production.  On the web at


Founded in 2004, IT Decision Management is a technology solutions provider with expertise in Managed Services, Mobile Enablement, Software Development and new Product Development. ITdM integrates the latest computer and telecommunications technologies to create truly differentiated products and services that deliver unparalleled value to its clients. ITdM has helped hundreds of clients conceive, define and implement truly unique technology solutions. ITdM uses its time tested deployment methodology to ensure its customers get exactly what they need to produce exceptional results. ITdM's business objective is simple: create value through truly unique thinking and exceptional execution.  Crosswind Partners had a successful exit from its investment in ITdM in March 2012 to a company funded by Thomas H. Lee Partners, Systems Maintenance Services.  On the web at

Vizibility Inc.

Vizibility delivers the first SearchMe™ Button for Google which instantly returns the search results people want to see first. It's mission is to put a Vizibility SearchMe Button on 20 million professional profiles and 1 million business websites within 5 years. "Googling" is now standard practice for professional and personal reasons. Businesses and individuals have to ensure they’re easy to find in search engines to make a strong impression or they risk missing opportunities, jobs and sales. Vizibility’s innovative approach is a proactive strategy where users pre-select the information they want displayed in search results. Vizibility makes it a snap for users to quickly create and share the optimal Google search for themselves and their companies. On the web at   

Precision Ventures

Precision Ventures is a series of funds that develop and license a defined collection of “small ball” medical and consumer products, located in Boston.  The company has had great success licensing incremental and niche products to large manufacturers.

Heartland Scientific LLC

Founded in 2004 to provide innovative and practical life-improvement solutions for each stage of life,  the company now develops proof-of-concept devices and services for life science and energy applications.  The company is currently working on proof-of-concept devices for energy storage to help balance energy flow on the electrical grid as more green energy from wind and solar are added to the grid, for "the wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine."

N-World Tech

Crosswind Partners was an investor in N-World Tech, which, with advice from Intel Capital, developed an innovative battery technology, bridging the gulf between fast charging and fast discharging in a compact, light package.  This technology is now appearing in batteries produced by Toshiba.

Real Estate Investments

Crosswind Partners has invested in various multi-family real estate investments in Atlanta, GA; Greenville, SC; Orlando, FL; and Mobile, AL.  Not the most exciting investments, but great cash generators, solid financials, and they turn ordinary income into capital gains.  Thanks to a number of stupid investments we have a lot of capital gains losses which can be offset by these investments.